Bikelog + Fedirides = Your Strava on the Fedivers

Fedirides is a service to share from Strava to the Fediverse using the ActivityPub protocol.

Join here! (This site will open publicly in early July 2023) This is how it works:

  1. Enter Email and your username for Fedirides
  2. Receive an email and click the link to get logged in
  3. Click the “Authorize Strava” link to allow Fedirides to access your new Strava rides.
  4. Except for deleting your account there is not much more to do on Fedirides. This is very much work in progress and I will add more features as we go!
  5. Subscribe to your Fedrides account in Mastodon or your Fediverse site of choice and share your rides with your friends.
  6. Posts (mostly) in the form of images will start to appear in your timeline once you upload them to Strava. Please note that older rides will not appear.

What is Bikelog?
Bikelog is just my bicycle blog. It is home of an instance of Fedirides.

What is Fedirides?
Fedirides is a bridge between Strava an the Fediverse. It grabs a feed of your rides (well, actually all of your activity) from Strava and makes it available to other websites that use the ActivityPub protocol.
This means your friends on Mastodon or Pixelverse can subscribe to you Fedirides feed right on the service of their choice. No need for them to join a Fedirides instance if they just want to read and not post rides of their own.

Fedirides is open source. You can check out the source code on Github and create and run your own instance. Be aware, this is very much work in progress and just a very quickly hacked together codebase.